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Planning is the key to success. In terms of Digital Campaigns, Planning the Digital Strategy is the foundation for the Digital Campaign’s success. Digi Hilldu has a proven track record of bringing success to different sizes of businesses through digital campaigns. We understand that success is a long-term and continuous process that includes improving digital presence on a regular basis. We have devised various digital solutions which will result in high ROI

SEO and Digital Marketing Consultant, Dubai

Google Shopping

Make sure your campaigns are based on ROI for both branding and performance campaigns.
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GEO fencing

Improve targeting of mobile ads by placing them within certain geographic regions or limitations.
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Search Engine

Boost the visibility of your websites in search engine results by optimizing their content.
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Digital advertising space can be purchased on your behalf by an automated program.
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Google Display

While they’re on their favorite websites, reach your targeted people with relevant advertising.
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PPC (Pay Per Click)

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Mobile Network

Buying and developing advertising for mobile networks and apps.
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Social Media

A detailed guide on creating all your company’s online posts and other materials.
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Social Media

Create social media channels to build engagement and promote your products and services.
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SEO audits analyze sitemaps, server errors, and metadata as “table stakes” for technical SEO.
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Monitoring &

Tracking and reporting on all digital initiatives in a timely and accurate manner.
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Search Engine
Optimization (SEO)

For better search results, make your site better.
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We will provide you with a brief that has to be filled out. This brief will consist of the target audience, goals, and objectives of the digital campaigns and give us a better understanding of your firm.


Setting goals is important and we help you give clarity on them. We set achievable and measurable goals that are realistic in nature and aligned with your organization.


We evaluate and understand how to achieve the goals which have been set.


Auditing competitor’s strategy is an important aspect of digital marketing and it is undertaken at this stage.


Develop a roadmap and a plan which will be put in place to achieve the desired results. This may involve deciding on which platforms to use, choosing a targeting audience, and so on.


Implementing & executing the planned strategy on time.

Final edits:

Improve the strategy on the existing plan one final time to seek better results. This may not happen all the time and will be only done if needed.


Prepare and present a detailed report of the entire campaign based on factual numbers.

Plan your campaigns with us for Digital Success!

It collates the organization's vision, goals, opportunities, and products/services in order to maximize the business benefits of digital initiatives.

How does Digital Campaign Planning work?

Did You Know? A Digital campaign is like a puzzle. You just need to fit in the pieces of the jigsaw in place and voila, the campaign suiting your target audience’s needs and wants is ready. Wondering what are the key elements, and how a perfect digital campaign planning can be designed for you or your brand? For your clarity, we are highlighting the key components of digital campaign planning.

How to do Digital Campaign Planning?

Now that you know about the key elements of a digital campaign UAE, it’s the right time to design the perfect digital campaign planning for a brand?At Hill Digital, we not just design a digital campaign strategy, but also conduct skillful executions for brand success and returns on digital media in Dubai. We  digital marketing agency dubai can help you make the most of Digital Campaign Planning in Dubai and ascertain success in Middle-East markets. Through a proper phase-based process, the marketers at heart align the nitty-gritties of the campaign; communication theme; content strategy; mediums like blog, social media; paid advertising, Adwords campaign. The result is the success over digital marketing turf with happy clients and happy us.



Our first step is to understand the nature of the business your company is in, it’s target audience and competitors. Our experts will also enquire about your goals and objectives in order to align our strategy with yours. We identify which digital solution will work best for you and design a plan accordingly.


As a Web design agency in dubai we assign a dedicated account executive for your organization. This person will be the point of contact for all your web design queries. They will provide complete support from the start till final execution of the campaign and also advise how can it be further improved.


We have in-house digital marketing experts who are trained and are aware of the latest trends in the online space. We have professionals who cover every aspect of digital marketing and are qualified in their specific field.

Let’s Dissect Digital Campaign Planning

A successful digital campaign planning has some essentials to cover. Every campaign has different demands and marketing expectations. Our clients at times come with some campaign ideas on which they expect us to develop the strategy and execute it. At times, they even ask us to present campaign ideas. Whatever be the case, we follow a set procedure to come up with the campaign ideas and impressive execution. For this purpose, we need to identify the following -

a) Campaign goals and tracking

Our campaign ideas bring clarity to the audience’s perception regarding a product/service. The ROI-oriented campaign goals are thus tracked with the measurable tracking process including data analytics. The increase in the website’s footfall and conversions are a few of the ways to measure the fulfillment of campaign goals.

b) Target audience, customer insight, and targeting

The clarity in knowing and understanding the Target Audience and taking their behavioral insights helps a great deal in making a campaign a success. Who are we trying to reach and influence?

c) Key campaign messages

The positioning statement of a brand is well asserted through campaign ideas and messaging. The idea is to protect the product in tune with brand communication to build customer connections, leverage engagement that translates into conversions.

d) Digital Strategy

How will you reach and engage your target audience?

e) Online media mix selection and budgeting

This is the most important aspect of Digital Campaign Planning Dubai. We customize the campaigns as per the budget allocations from the client and carry forward the campaign’s essentials in a clear-cut manner.

f) Defining media

Which media platforms will be effective for a brand? We at Hill Digital define that for your brand effectively. While doing so, we even take the marketer’s inputs and work in sync to deliver maximum ROI.

g) Media schedule and campaign integration

Cross-Platform Campaign Integration is one such way with which we can deploy media and amplify messages during the campaign effectively.

The mission of our company is to offer a range of top-notch digital marketing solution beyond the conventions set by digital marketing companies in Dubai.


Our main aim is to provide you with value for money and deliver the world-leading services. Digi Hilldu has been using its international exposure and partnership to offer the best quality services for a very long time.


We hold immense pride in stating that our company has a team of well-trained and highly qualified employees continuously delivering excellence in the industry of digital marketing.


Our company will deliver the new & trending experience in the industry of digital marketing with value to the clients and quality service.


The staff of experts at our company has a proven track record in the sector of digital marketing services. Digi Hilldu is a rising Digital Marketing Company in Dubai along with local enhancement and global experience.


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    Do You Know How Digital Marketing Companies in Dubai have been affected by COVID-19?

    You can overcome the difficulty with the emerging need of being creative and by maintaining communication consistency with your clients.

    digital marketing companies in dubai

    Of course, COVID 19 has affected the digital marketing companies in Dubai, but in a breakthrough manner. During the pandemic, you can’t communicate with people in person hence it has been harder to build and create new business.

    digital marketing companies in dubai

    Hence digital marketing companies in Dubai are forced to think out of the box and provide a unique selling proposition for either their product or service-oriented clients.

    Introduction of new customer segments

    COVID-19 has changed not just the lifestyle of our but the basic strategies through which a business reaches its audience. The digital audience no more falls in the segmentation of 20- 35 years old. There has been a paradigm shift in the lifestyle where everyone is forced to be indoors which has led consumers younger than 20 and older than 35, also spending more time online. Thus even those who did not prefer online purchases earlier have now begun online shopping.  Thus digital marketing campaigns are to be fine-tuned to meet the right audience it cannot be in general considering just one segment of the age group.

    Programmatic advertising

    Instead of going through human negotiations and pre-set prices one can use Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to buy advertising in real-time, this is called programmatic advertising. Internet marketing agencies in Dubai use programmatic advertising in display ads, social media, and search media optimization.

    Shift of budgets

    It is not surprising considering that digital media is consumed at a higher rate due to the online lifestyle introduced by COVID-19 there is a shift of budget to online platforms from the offline media. Having this opportunity, it would be wise to spend the budgets ensuring high Return On Investment. For which the right digital marketing agency Dubai would provide you the guidance on how to utilize digital marketing even in pandemic situations. When budget spends are cut too much when unnecessary it would negatively impact the brand when the pandemic comes to an end.

    Target time differs

    Internet marketing agencies should not take the consumer’s online hours for granted as fixed as before. Online shopping would shift to mid-day when in a normal scenario such instances would be rare, So Digital agencies have to come up with new strategies.

    Opportunities close to money-back offers

    Compared to days before COVID-19 the prices of CPM and CPC are decreasing due to less competition because many companies are affected and have cut down the marketing budget. Now is the time to invest to take the movers advantage and increase the Digital footprint in Dubai.

    Branding and uncertainty of the future

    It’s a known fact that branding works best long term. Ironically everything has a cost associated and long-term planning becomes tough when the future of the stakeholders of the company such as consumers and internal departments go through uncertainty. Yet branding cannot be compromised as the competitors are waiting to occupy the consumer’s mind space. An ideal way is to spread the digital presence in an optimized manner.

    Digital Marketing is no quick-fix

    If there is a stop in digital marketing spend, you would see a downfall after a quarter. There has been a loss of jobs of consumers, behavior shifts, change of consumer mindset, all these have changed the market scenario. Thus Digital marketing agencies are forced to follow a new approach in marketing than the usual ones. Following are few thoughts to not be missed:

    • Develop short term strategy and test market conditions to alter the long term plan
    • Evaluate the source of website traffic
    • Observe the user behaviors in your website
    • Focus more on PPC – Pay Per Click campaigns
    • Conduct virtual launches of products and services

    Do not forget the consumers while the sales are down. It’s mandatory to maintain the hygiene factory f digital marketing such as SEO, SMO, social media marketing and to engage consumers through emails and phone calls. These may not have been the priority before COVID-19 but not it is.

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      LinkedIn Ads

      Yes! That’s right. Of all the other digital platforms, LinkedIn offers the maximum scope of PPC conversions. Faster click-through rates and streamlined targeting options – that’s LinkedIn PPC for you. Of recent, more and more marketers are realizing its promising potentials to promote its products and are ready to invest in it.

      Linkedin Ads

      Leverage Marketing at its Best with LinkedIn Ads

      Because the professional networking platform simply works wonders with the ad targeting for B2B companies.

      Bring in greater response to web campaigns

      Since the target is streamlined as per demographical, geographical, educational, job function and a number of other categories, PPC campaigns on LinkedIn give maximum ROI on budgets. To note, CTR or Click-Through Rate on this professional platform is higher than other social ads campaigns.

      Monetize LinkedIn with Targeted Reach

      With the budgets and bidding, LinkedIn advertising has become one of the most sought after social ad campaign platform. The ads placed on page rail are more so used for lead generation, whereas the sponsored updates are used more for lead generation and content sharing. So, before opting for LinkedIn advertising solutions, choose wisely.

      Setting-up LinkedIn Ads/PPC

      This PPC platform uses a mix of display & text ads to reach the audience in the quickest way possible. But getting the right messaging matters for LinkedIn PPC. Here, comes the role of a seasoned digital marketing agency that helps you make the most of dirham investment in the form of ROI. Not only do they help in identifying ad placements like the user’s inbox or side/bottom of the homepage, but also work a great deal in making LinkedIn PPC a success.

      Ads v/s Sponsored Posts

      Confused about which way to go. Then come to us. If stats are to be believed, LinkedIn ads fetch 5x more impressions and engagement than sponsored updates. But that also doesn’t write-off the potent benefits of sponsored updates. We at Digi HillDu in Dubai have a perfect solution to help you maximize monetization through our strategic creative solutions. Our strategy is to leverage maximum reach and effectiveness through promoted campaigns.

      Boost your Campaign’s Effective Reach through LinkedIn PPC

      Keep in touch with Digi HillDu –   A web Design and Web Development Company In Dubai to keep yourself updated on emerging issues in Digital industry, web design and development. If you have any question, require any help or you looking for an Digital Marketing Agency Dubai then, contact us today!.



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        Bing & Yahoo PPC

        Two-thirds of search engine marketing is grabbed by Google. So, what about the remaining one-third share? Should it be ignored! Or attempts must be made to grab that share as well.

        Bing Yahoo PPC

        Reach where others are not reaching through Bing Yahoo PPC

        If you resonate with the latter, the Bing Yahoo PPC is meant for you. A great answer to Google Adwords, these search engine platforms monetize the ways with which you can increase your product / service’s reach over every search.

        Why they say Yahoo-Bing Network?

        While you may think Yahoo-Bing platforms as separate entities and wonder why there’s a need to consolidate the network. The main reason is to club the benefits of both the platforms to equal the high level of traffic generated by Google Adwords. So, we may say, two for the power of one, that’s what Yahoo-Bing Network stands for.

        Why Yahoo-Bing Paid Search?

        Because exclusivity is the key and those who take this exclusive route earn great returns. Truly apt in the case of Yahoo-Bing search engine marketing where millions of unique searches per vertical are happening every day. On an average, these unique visitors belong to 60% of the market. Isn’t that amazing yet strange? Strange in the sense because Internet marketing being on the cusp of transformation still hasn’t fully utilized the monetization prospects effectively. Nevertheless, still there’s a chance with which marketers can leverage an added advantage to their business via this network and gain the market share in UAE.

        Assured Advantages of Digital Advertising

        Digital marketing is synonymous to ROI. Marketers look out for every dirham spent, continue or pause ads based on their conversions. Needless to say, this ROI is driving marketers step out of comfort zone, spend more and gain better returns. Least hesitant than ever, they know where the maximum money lies and try to invest there to gain maximum traction. For such big spends, Yahoo-Bing network advertising can be a viable solution to gain increased conversion rates as compared to Google alone.

        Say Yahoo to Bing Ads

        Add excitement to your paid search marketing budgets with this consolidated search -ad network. And complete the search engine marketing Dubai efforts via augmented conversions. So, more money means more returns on search engine marketing and genuine visitor base too. You simply can’t miss the potent benefits of Yahoo-Bing guild.

        Add more to existing search engine marketing via Yahoo-Bing!

        Keep in touch with Digi HillDu -   A web Design and Web Development Company In Dubai to keep yourself updated on emerging issues in Digital industry, web design and development. If you have any question, require any help or you looking for an Digital Marketing Agency Dubai then, contact us today!.



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